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Ionic Air Purifier, Negative Ion Generator and Air Ionizer are the synonymous terms that are used for the devices that clean and energize the indoor air by mainly producing millions of negative ions. Negative Ions are charged particles that are discharged by the Air Ionizer into the indoor air. When in the air, ions bond together with the floating pollutants and take them out of the breathing space making the air pure, fresh and healthy. Heaven Fresh is one of the largest distributors of Ionic Air purifiers in the world. Our unmatched quality and the afforable price is backed by a 30 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the quality and the performance of the range of our ionic air purifiers below, we will gladly refund your money without asking any questions


Ionic Air Purifier HF 210UV

Effective, safe, silent, affordable and no filters to replace!
  • produces 60 Million ions per cm³ and removes pollutants as small as 0.01 microns
  • The electrostatically-charged dust-collection plates magnetically trap pollutants
  • Germicidal UV Light destroys micro-organisms
  • Independently controlled booster fan
  • 100-120 VAC, 60Hz Adapter & 8 Watts
  • Coverage area: up to 500 ft² (46 m²)
  • Dimensions: L: 13.8” (35 cm) x W: 8.6” (21.8 cm) x H: 5.0” (12.7 cm)
HF 200 Ionic Air Purifier

The silent, filter-less HF 200 will keep your room clean, fresh and comfortable
  • 100% solid state electronic circuit
  • No filter replacement (uses state of the art stainless steel dust collector plates - easily removed and cleaned
  • 17 high density stainless steel needle points producing optimum negative ions level
  • Noiseless operation (no moving parts)
  • Low power consumption
  • An effective and affordable way to combat indoor air pollution
HF 100 Ionic Air Purifier

An ideal purifier for small areas such as bedrooms and office spaces
  • Uses advanced ion generation technology
  • Noiseless operation (no moving parts)
  • No filter replacement necessary, easy to clean
  • Comes with wall and car adapter
  • Low power consumption (only 3.4 watts per day)
  • Coverage Area: 160 ft² (15 m²)
  • Dimensions: L: 8.2” (20.8 cm) x W: 5.0” (12.7 cm) x H: 2.8” (7.1 cm)
Refrigerator air purifier HF 10

The HF-10 ionic purifier for refrigerators runs on 4 type ‘C’ batteries (not included) and keeps food fresh longer preventing waste and saving money. The four batteries provide up to 150 days of use and keep the refrigerator smelling fresh and cleaner
  • Kill bacteria & sterilize with active oxygen
  • Remove stink and bad odor
  • Breakdown pesticide while maintaining vitamin
  • Maintain freshness of food
  • Dimension: 130*65*80(mm) or 5.2*2.6*3.2(inches).
Ionic Vehicle Air Purifier HF-60

designed specifically for use in vehicles
  • supplied with a 12 volt adapter
  • keeps the car interior fresh and comfortable on long journeys and in slow moving traffic
  • help to overcome fatigue by keeping the driver relaxed and alert with fresh, purified air
  • This safe, silent and affordable purifier has no filters to replace
  • Applicable area = small or large vehicle
  • Dimension: 140*110*38(mm) or 5.6*4.5*1.5(inches)