Impact of acidity and acidifying foods and beverages on the human body

Why acidic agents (acidosis) cause diseases, including degenerative diseases, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, etc.

Acid is created when food is metabolized in human body. For example, phosphoric acid is formed when protein is broken down, and butyric acid, acetic acid, lactic acid and pyruvic acid are created when fat is broken down. Lactic acid is also produced during muscle contractions. All the substances left by the metabolizing process are acidic and toxic, therefore these have to be neutralized by alkalizing elements such as calcium ions, sodium ions, and lithium ions, among which calcium is the most important. Calcium ions are positively charged ions which are constantly looking for acid to then form calcium carbonate in our body. Calcium carbonate is harmless and will be moved out of the body, providing body fluid pH is alkaline so that calcium carbonate remains 'fluid' and thus flushed out of the body, instead of being deposited around body joints, etc.. If calcium ion level is low in the blood and body, then excess acid will remain in our body and will lead to numerous health problems.

 Acids are the enemy of life

the root cause of all diseases! Why? Because the human body is alkaline by design!
Disease and acid work as a team to destroy any aerobic alkaline body which has degenerated into an oxygen deficient anaerobic and acidic mode, mostly due to the ingestion of starch laden junkfoods and carbonated sugar and acid laden drinks, coffee, chlorinated water, drugs, also mental state, etc. – 'modern diet' syndrome.
We presently live in the midst of an 'acid explosion': Billions of liters of acid and sugar laden carbonated drinks are being consumed, along with the 'fast food' explosion, the coffee binge, extensive use of drugs, all of which combine to create a very acidic population which is getting sicker, not better. Acid and disease go hand in hand.
It is now said that many children will die long before their parents, yes, all thanks to this 'acid age'.
The human body requires alkalinity to remain vibrant, healthy and functional: Alkalinity is the answer, not acid!

 Equation of Life:  

Optimum body fluid ranges pH 7.2 - 7.5 + Oxygen = Alkalinity = 'Life Unlimited'.

Equation of disease::

Low pH + Oxygen deficiency = Anaerobic & Acidic condition = 'Disease Unlimited'.

REMEMBER this simple Equation of Life!

Acidic beverages and highly processed, refined ('dead') 'fast foods' will decimate your health and vitality!

1 Carbonated 'soft' drinks, - acids, sugars, artificial coloring, flavoring, chemicals, etc.

2 Coffee, etc acidifying liquids – 'junk drinks'

1 Carbonated drinks are also known as 'soft drinks'.

This category of beverages, including colas, are perhaps more detrimental (disastrous) to human health than perhaps all other junkfoods (fast-foods, snack foods) combined:

These VERY ACIDIC concoctions average pH 2.5, which is 100,000 times more acidic than pH 7.5. (!)

But note, this only represents the acid content, which is carefully masked by refined (dead) sugar and flavors!

Remember, in the digestive system this toxic sugar also turns to acidic energy which in turn accellerates fermentation (ROT) and all manner of anaerobic activity in the digestive tract!

Cancer loves sugar and acid, and thrives in an oxygen deficient, acidic, anaerobic environment:

Refined sugar and acids are the 'high octane' fuel for this human 'rot'! ('diet' type drinks are equally as toxic!)

2 Coffee likewise is an acidifying drink which in addition stagnates vital organs, by loading them up with all manner of chemical residue found in coffee, the reason why brewed coffee is 'black'.

Your organs have to filter out and separate this black ooze, but being overloaded they slowly 'die'…..

The human body requires lots of ionized alkaline water daily in order to function flawless for a lifetime!

 Acidosis: Life Chemistry in 'reverse' = 'degenerative' disease mode!

Cholestrol, hardening of the arteries, clogged arteries, and heart disease are all synonomous with an acidic body, which is working overtime providing alkalinity (from your bones!) in order to neutralize the ravages of acid!

And while on the subject; bonemass depleting osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and all the other forms of arthritis are the product of an alkaline body operating in acidic mode, YES, 'reverse chemistry', the very reversal of Life Chemistry! – Joint replacements make for a very lucrative and profitable 'service industry' which greatly thrives because of the many opportunities made available by the acidosis condition present within most people today.

Take dilligent note of what simple chemistry dictates: Bonemass depletion can only take place in an acidic body, simply because calcium is being 'sucked' out of bones in order to deal with the low pH acidosis problem - this is how the body neutralizes acid energy!

Simply maintaining correct body and body fluid alkalinity prevents calcium from becoming mobile!

Most of us have heard someone remark "I think am getting shorter...": Correct! - -

These days it is becoming more and more common to literally witness senior people lose height before your very eyes, as these very acidic people continually keep 'shrinking'!

Most older people today are not only in acidic mode, but become still more acidic as they get older, and so therefore they keep on shrinking as time goes on, because so much calcium is required to combat acidosis.

The comment "she fell and broke her hip" - no, no, she did not fall at all, because her porous hipbone being brittle, simply crumbled because it disintegrated due to very serious calcium depletion!

Live blood analysis will confirm your health status!
Many natural health supply centres now provide this vital service: Your blood tells it all! There is nothing more convincing than to see for yourself the diverse activity taking place in your blood; things like candida, yeast, viruses, bacteria, clodding, contaminants, sticking red blood cells, oxygen deficient red blood cells, etc.

The blood supply of most people is far from ideal, so therefore it is good practice to monitor your own blood, and to monitor subsequent improvements in your health status: Aerobic health care science and maintenance is becoming much more viable these days as more technology, equipment and products are being introduced.