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WHY Alkaline Ionized water is a Most Essential and Most Beneficial Electrolyte for the Aerobic powered Alkaline energized human engine:

We must also understand the significant difference between alkaline energy and acidic energy,as it applies to the human engine......

The aerobic (oxygen) powered human body, being alkaline by design and function, will therefore operate flawlessly on alkaline chemistry/energy. A pH of 7.0 indicates Neutral on the pH scale, because both energies are at equal level. Alkaline chemistry/energy is initiated at a pH above 7.0. Acidic chemistry is initiated at a pH below 7.0. It speaks for itself that the energy which is greater, therefore controls the performance of this 'engine', for better, or for worse......

It is a well established Fact that today most people operate in acidic mode,due to diet and life style habits which make for acidic chemistry. An alkaline body will have a reserve supply of electrons on standby to deal with disease energy. An acidic body deficient in electrons..... and therefore diseases thrive in oxygen deficient acidic environment....

 Why You Should Drink Ionized Alkaline Electron Energized Water

A healthy energetic body, including longevity, is produced by an alkaline body in full aerobic mode, and well supplied with plenty of life invigorating oxygen carried to every cell throughout the body! This is the reason why people in the Orient affectionally designate Ionized Alkaline water "Anti-Aging Water". Some suggest "Wonder Water" - - but the designation "Bio-Power-Water" is being more specific. (Bio: Life)

 Contrasting philosophies at work

Why focus on diseases, why fight diseases, why research diseases, the energies from the anaerobic acid realm? Why not simply BOOST & POWER the Life Force to its Maximum, thereby keeping diseases at a distance? The hydroxyl ion (OH-) is the oxygen donor to the body. The hydrogen ion (H+) is the oxygen taker, the acidifier agent of the body.

Remember this one Simple Fact::

Healthy cells must maintain a slightly alkaline pH level. Also, some cells change behavior in order to survive in an acidic (oxygen deficient) environment. If they are successful, then this is the beginning of cancer, the anaerobic rot. Cancer cells are acidic anaerobic cationic energy, while healthy cells are alkaline aerobic anionic energy, therefore opposing energies - - South pole (+) vs North pole (-) energies. The aerobic human body is energized by anionic (-) North pole energy.

 Did you know.....

We get old because we accumulate acidic wastes within our body, and it is these acidic wastes that slow down blood circulation, and cause degenerative diseases to develop.

ASL Ionized Alkaline Negative ORP Energized Water makes ALL other kinds of water OBSOLETE!!!

Anti Aging Water! 'Happy Ion' Water! Energized Super Water! Life Promoting, Life Enhancing, Disease Chasing Water!

Alkalizing elements are those that are capable of energizing the body with a Negative (-) charge (electrons), the energy which raises the pH of body fluids to a reading of pH 7.0 - 8.0, or higher if required, for example 'high pH' cancer therapy with Cesium etc.

3 categories of Ionic requirements:

1 Ionized breathing air/oxygen
2 Ionized drinking water
3 Ionized nutrients/minerals/trace minerals

The Two Ionic Energies defined: Electrons & Positrons

Ions are atom or a group of atoms with a net electric charge.

A Negatively-charged ion is also known as an An-ion, because it has more electrons in its electron shells than it has protons in its nuclei, and it is therefore attracted to anodes.

A Positively-charged ion is also known as a Cat-ion, because it has fewer electrons than protons, and it is therefore attracted to cathodes. The antiparticle of an Electron is the Positron.