ASL Water Ionizer


Surely, the objective of every person alive on this planet is for a Healthy, Long Life, Vitality, Well Being, Vibrancy, remaining Beautiful, and to certainly slow down the effect of the chemistry behind aging! In the Orient this water is known as 'Anti Aging' water, simply because this energized water has the ability to aid in the supply of oxygen and nutrients to trillions of body cells, as also the ability to flush out waste and toxins produced at the cellular level in the respiration process, which involves oxidation, to produce Life and Energy. Introducing these optimum conditions, it thereby makes it possible to also maintain optimum cell hydration, which retards the 'dying' process of body cells, the process which also causes 'aging', wrinkling of the skin, etc. How is all this accomplished? Answer: Simply by reducing the size of water clusters at the molecular level, which then allows this water to flow throughout the body 50% faster, making for rapid transportation of nutrients to all body cells, optimum hydration of all body cells, and rapid removal of wastes produced in the body. Definition of aging defined as follows: "failure to remove the gradual accumulation of body waste and toxins" We age prematurely, simply because we fail to keep our body alkaline and our organs flushed of acid, waste, etc! Alkaline-Electron-Ion-Energized Water offers a most effective solution worthy of serious consideration!


Info on ASL Countertop Water Purifier - Ionizer - Alkalizer

1. World pioneer of ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) value control system

2. Large LCD display of ORP and PH value

3. Unique design of constant ORP output and automatic adjustment

4. Super large scale and calcium magnesium bundle protection of electrodes over 800 cm2

5. Automatic indicator on filter life status and water flow litres/min

6. High efficiency unit with low power consumption

7. Overload protection and cooling system

8. Patented electrodes always keep the ORP value between -250 ~ -400MV

9. Automatic electrolysis mode to fit with any kind of clean water supply anywhere

10. Module design, self cleaning mode, high reliability and easy maintenance